Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My new websites - come on over and have a look-see :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I have two new websites where you can stay up to date with what I'm working on:

#ilovewhatido !!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Collaborative partnership - Meet FriskyMamas

I've had a very busy spring and summer (so far!)  helping to start up FriskyMamas, my fabulous new creative partnership with Jill Maldonado of JillyMamas. We're making gorgeous one of a kind crazy quilted messenger and crossover bags and I am so proud of the success we've had in just a couple of short months. Last weekend found us in our first collaborative craft fair booth at the Springfield Jazz fest - woot woot - what fun!

Cross Body Bags

Messenger Bags

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


After struggling in 2013 to sell my Frisky Furnishings is many different venues I promised myself I would spend the first three months of 2014 exploring some different options.

I think I have found my true artistic/creative love (at least for now!) and have been very busy making crazy-quilted cuff bracelets and belts which I've JUST posted to etsy this week in my Wearable Art shop section. I've received good feedback at the KCC conference in January where I gave several to some close women friends AND on facebook where I've been posting pics since the beginning of this journey :)

Let's see where this adventure takes me ......and here are some of my newest creations:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer is over and the fall is here

Today we are hitting 80 degrees in Western Mass so who would know the summer is gone but for the beautiful yellow, orange and gold leaves framed in my window. 

I've been very busy since my last post, hence the quiet blogger :) so, here is a quick update on all things related to Frisky Furnishings...

First the studio - FINISHED (except for the floor) and fully operational - I love having the space to be working on multiple projects and to leave it all up and just close the door for the night without having to put away everything. My beautiful daughter Maya came and helped me organize it. That was fun too! Here she is:

August found me back at MassAppeal for another fun time with the co-hosts. They make it soooo easy its unbelievable and this time, having done it once before, I was relaxed and enjoyed myself thoroughly - Youtube link is here Frisky Furnishings - what to do with yard sale goods for anyone who didn't catch it the first time around

In September, I was very pleased to have this piece both included in the Becket Arts Center's Nouveau Brut show and SOLD (yay!) to another artist in the show. Thanks Nina!!

Also in September, the Posh Design Center opened its doors and my little Frisky Furnishing's design spot had its debut. I've since spent two days working the desk there and plan to be there every other Sunday at least through the end of December :) The entire shop is wonderful and so many talented folks are included. Its a group I am proud to be part of. Photo of my corner is below:

and lastly, I just finished this commissioned piece of a Stargazer Lilly for a friend named Lilly and am planning to drop it off this week. Hope she likes it as much as I do. Its my first commission for an embroidered flower piece and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

 Look close to see the word LOVE embroidered within the flower:

Well that about sums up the last couple of months - I'm approaching the fall with several pieces of furniture to beautify - lots of hope for great pre-holiday sales at Posh Design Center, and my first teaching job. I will be presenting a collage workshop at The Seat Weaver in Westfield, MA on Sat Nov 2nd from 10-12:30.

Life is good and I am grateful to be doing what I am doing right here and now....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Process Post

How did I get here?

A lot of folks ask me about my process so I did a photo timeline from beginning to end. Well, almost the beginning.... I forgot to take pics of the initial design on canvas before the embroidery began, although you can see some green marker peeking out from the embroidery on the first photo. I started this piece two weeks ago and finished it last night - bound for etsy today.

Yes, I use this tiny, tiny brush to do all the bits that are right next to the embroidery - it's the only way to make sure the paint doesn't get onto the thread - and it does take a very long time :)

This is the first time I've done a completely abstract embroidery piece without a clue as to where I was going with it.  It was freeing to watch the piece take shape and I think I will do more like this :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Challenging summer - but in all the best ways!

It's almost the end of June - wow - where did it go?

The month and summer season started with a bang with my participation in the Worcester StART festival on June 2nd. We had gale force winds and a hot day to contend with, and I was very lucky to have my daughter visiting and cheerfully helping me with all that a big show like that takes.

Here she is literally holding down the fort :) thank you thank you Leilah <3 for your support in the face of challenge. We made little in sales but a wealth of experience and I'm glad we did it.

Since then I've been getting ready for my solo exhibition at the Westhampton Library which opens on Monday, July 1st and runs through the month - and have had fun finishing two new ambitious pieces

FLY - a message to me?

and Yellow Sky - an ode to the mountains of NH and the sunsets of Cape Cod all rolled into one

as I work through each piece, I discover a bit more about myself and this wonderful journey I'm on! and I marvel at the creative juices that flow and how each piece is so uniquely expressive.

To top it off I had to just laugh the other day at the messages the universe sends me when I least expect it.  Hearing some noise in my front yard, I looked out the window to discover the town dept of public works installing a sign in my front yard

YES! - I know!! - Becoming the successful artist I intend to be will take work and I AM up for the job, just have to keep on working everyday.....

No fear is the only way I will get there :)  just thankful it wasn't a Stop sign - LOL

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Travelin' and Art

On a recent trip to New Hampshire (beautiful countryside!!) we stayed in two wonderful locales - a gorgeous hotel in Meredith, on Lake Winnipesaukee, with a an unbelievable view, where I managed to find a little space to paint and worked on the below piece in a corner of the hotel room while looking out at the following view:

Then we traveled to the Riverbend Inn - a beautiful B&B in Chocorua - the little buddha below welcoming us to serenity by the river and just a mile away from a beautiful lake that has inspired a new embroidered piece! Creativity runs through me wherever I am these days and I feel truly blessed to be in the flow!

On the homefront we are just days away from a finished studio space - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and my children are visiting and taking an overnight hiking trip on the Appalachian trail - shortened from a 3 nighter to a 1 nighter due to the rain and cold but on their way this morning.